Mia Thermopolis's life started out simple enough. She grew up with her single mother in a old loft in a quaint place in New York, along with her rather large cat. She went to a nice school, struggled with homwork, boys (or lack of), a flat chest, and rather large hair. But, you see, when she was 15... her life changed forever. In a twist of fate, she discovered that she was the Princess of a small country, Genvia, a place she never knew existed. To top that all off, she also had to come face to face her with her grandmother--- not a easy feat. But, in it all, Mia had her best friend. Lilly has helped her, supported her... but also bickered with her--- but hey, don't all friends suffer from a few fights? Yup, thought so. See, Lilly Moscovitz is not your normal teenage girl... she's very, very smart--- even if her big mouth gets ahead of her. She has a high IQ, a handsome brother, a eye for the news, and her own cable television show, not to mention a promising future at a high-ranking college.

At first glance, these two would be awkward buds--- but, in fact, they mesh just perfectly. You can see that for yourself in everything they do together. These two are the epitomy of BEST FRIENDS!